No Willpower Or Just A Case Of Wussy-Itis

Training presents us with a weird dichotomy. If you are training too easy, it feels like nothing is being done. If you train too hard, recovery time takes too long. Training too hard comes with its own set of values. Loving the hard training but there is that one little squeak that tells you this is waaay too hard. So you shove that little whiny you in some deep dark corner in your brain, and yell I’m hardcore! I’m a fucking UNDER ARMOUR ad! If there is a camera right now, this would be my montage! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!


I’m a god among men. Kneel and worship before my abs.

I have done hard training in my life. From doing Thai boxing. Training for a half Marathon. MetCons, Oly lifts, WOD’s yada-yada obligatory masturbatory resume here. But there is NOTHING that saps my will power and focus and no amount of slogans, shouting or positive reinforcement can make me break than running in a wet rain snow environment. I’ll do it, but I will bitch and moan like a cat in heat. I’ve narrowed it down to having wet and cold slushy feet and cold rain coming down my back. Last night was one of those moments that I wished so much that I had a car. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to power through but you hit that point where you are just miserable and running faster isn’t helping because you have about 12 lbs of groceries on your backpack. On the way back I stepped into an ice/snow patch and my foot came through. Suddenly, I’m ankle deep in cold, cold water. FAAACK. So I try and boot it home ASAP. At the cross walk a car was too close to the curb and “did somebody order a shower?” At this point, If I got mugged, death would be instantaneous for the individual.


Rain/Snow vs Me

Thinking back now, we spend so much of our lives training in safe and warm confines. No type of training will really prepare you for lifes’ dekes. You train hard for when you step out of the gym.


I dunno where this gym is but if they can train like that with no chafing, I want in.

Hard training gives the you mental fortitude to just give ‘er. And to keep going knowing that you have the capacity to endure. Because that movie montage in your head? Doesn’t end after the buzzer.


Yours In Fitness