Climbing Out Of The Hole

I first met Jeff when I was at the lowest point in my life. I had no motivation to train or really do anything remotely exercise-y (it’s a real word, google it). Anyway, he dragged me to swimming, diving, weights and kickboxing. It was painful at times but absolutely welcome. I would ebb and flow but it was already there so even though I might slide a bit I know enough to come back to working out. Then there came a point when Jeff decided to do a fight. He trained his ass off and subsequently winning the fight with a knee to gut TKO. After that, tried to get back but it just wasn’t there any more. Fast forward to finishing Uni, he got married and now kids on the way, and he said it was the same feeling as before. He knows he needs to exercise but, as he says, the drive has dwindled. When I was at that point, I really felt like I was failing all the time.

My own drive waned also when I got to Toronto after Uni. Found a gym and started doing my own workouts. It was a long slow climb to see that light but I’m almost there. Now, my motivation comes from striving to be better at what I am trying to achieve. Internal motivation plus really good workout partners push you like no other. Fitness is a continuum and not a pass/fail paradigm. If there is anything to I can impart, daily things compound to bigger achievements taken as an aggregate.

So here is my challenge to my former student, my friend, and my brother: the 3 x a week daily 10.

Warm-up :

10 Arm Rotations left and right.

10 Power Jacks or Jumping Jacks.

10 Quick Toe Touches.

10 Body Twists.

3 rounds of :

5 Burpees

10 Pushups

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Air Squats

5 V – Ups

Finish with a 30 sec Mountain Climbers.

Do this for 3 weeks before you have anything in your belly in the a.m. I know life is busy but this only needs 15 minutes of your time.

Get back to it. 3 Weeks, Nak Muay.

Be Relentless, Like Fire.


Eat The Marshmallow And You Will Grow Up Lazy, Poor and Divorced

It seems that our lives are already pre-determined if we accept the above experiment as truth. So, success and obesity is a problem of personality and attitude. It would seem to be too far-fetched and a stretch but I will go so far as it is bunk. I do believe obesity is far more complex than that because you ate the goddamn marshmallow. Yours in Fitness.