Sports Tape – Best Tool for Training

When I was competing a lot in Taekwondo, a rolled ankle is pretty common occurrence. If it was a meet, you can bet that to immobilize the ankle, tape is the go to gadget! After ice, tape that ankle tight! Even now, when I’m doing lifts, I tape my wrists especially when I (try) do gymnastic ring workouts.

As a tool, there is no greater utilization than the lowly sports tape. Whether it is for recovery, training, performance and injury prevention, I use it for any of these things.

Case in point for Thai boxing. In this sport, even wearing shin guards, shin to shin clashes are constant and is always a guarantee. When a hematoma happens, you end up with this tiny bump on your shin, that will always hurt. Tiny bone fragments are chipped off leaving a divot in your shin causing the bone growth to have a “bump”. To prevent this, as soon as possible, tape the shin tight for a couple of days until it heals relatively flat and even.


My student Kim from last summer. I told her to tape it 6 months too late!

It was more so used in the last summer Olympics when a lot of the athletes were using kineso tape for everything. Results have been varied in its use but personally it has helped stabilize my wrist and knees. My knees are both shot from Patello femoral syndrome. It still hurts but the pain does not get worse if I use the tape. Kinesio Tape is made from cotton, so it is breathable and does not irritate the skin.

Some have found creative uses for it: kinesio-tape1

Still others have gone beyond its scope and branched to inter-specie:



Although, by far, this is the best use :wpid-Photo-11-Sep-2012-2206

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