Happiness and Ambition


In our pursuit to become “anything”, sometimes we forget the reason why we do it. Ambition and happiness should go hand in hand but are/is sometimes overridden by one or the other. To have ambition, is to strive, to perfect, and to succeed. They key is finding that measure of success.

Are you ok, with the result? Can you still improve? If so, will you be miserable? Is the misery worth it? All these questions, are easy enough to answer, but really hard to actualize.

Anchor your vision with temperance and reality and boost that with confidence and persevere. Take care not fly too close to sun. To fly freely in space with boundless heights of ambition will only leave you falling back to to the ground. Try to look down every once in awhile. You might find that contentment was already at your feet.



Yours In Fitness.


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