Pull-Ups And Being A Girl


So I read this article about women cannot physically do chin ups.  You can read it http here pull-ups

This got me to thinking why is it so hard and to an extent they explained the boring bio-mechanics and weight to height to lever body something, something zzzzzzzzz.

I quote “Men and women who can do them tend to have a combination of strength, low body fat and shorter stature. During training, because women have lower levels of testosterone, they typically develop less muscle than men, Vanderburgh explained. In addition, they can’t lose as much fat. Men can conceivably get to 4 percent body fat; women typically bottom out at more than 10 percent.”.

Why stop there? If that is hard, then a muscle up or a rope climb would be next to impossible yet just youtube muscle up and women and there’s a ton of them out there.

Like anything else, a chin up/pull up is a benchmark achievement. To get there though, you have to be able to do a couple of things first. Strong core, stronger biceps, even stronger back and lighter body mass. I put it akin to doing an Olympic snatch. It involves more than strength. Shoulder mobility, low back, ankle, hip flexibility are but a few things you will need.

So don’t be discouraged! Most studies need to be debunked and disproven anyway! As my old coach said, a strong mind is a strong body.

Yours In Fitness.

From the book “Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia” 1910-1912

*If swimming is one exercise that ought to be mastered because it may be the means of saving life in the future, rope climbing is another. Every boy and every girl should know how to climb a rope, and to descend easily and quickly from a height by means of a rope. It said “Every girl!”

Read more:httpGirlBook.html#ixzz2AkFwlkEa


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