My Eyelids Hurt


So you are ready to try out a new exercise regimen! Good for you! Crazy Navy SEAL Insanity Fight Training! You did good but next day, OMFG you can’t walk. Can’t even wash your face. Had to roll out of bed instead of sitting up. What the hell happened?

In a nutshell, most Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) happens during eccentric contraction of a muscle (think of the bicep muscle lengthening during a bicep curl).

Cryotherapy, stretching, homeopathy, ultrasound and electrical current modalities have demonstrated no effect on the alleviation of muscle soreness or other DOMS symptoms. Sometimes, Ibuprofen works but is dosage dependent and time sensitive.

So what to do? Caffeine to the rescue! Take a cup or two of java and wait for an hour or two and it will significantly, help with performance and attenuate soreness. Try it!

Love 🙂


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