Why Does God Hate Me When I Exercise


Ever since I can remember, I have always had Asthma. I remember stories of my parents rushing me to the hospital as a baby because I was sickly and cannot breathe. As I grew older I learned to avoid certain triggers (kind of like the rules for Gremlins but not as cute):

a. Do not over eat.

b. Do not go near tobacco smoke or strong, flower perfumes or colognes.

c. Do not run too fast.

d. Do not ever go near a cat.

Some of these, you cannot control but as a child it was to stop playing tag because you are suddenly passing out from not breathing!

It turns out, YOU can exercise, but you have to follow certain guidelines to slowly make your lungs used to stress. The best warm up for anyone suffering asthma is High Intensity Intervals and Variable Intensity warm-ups.

Here is the protocol:

  • Total duration should be at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Start with a gentle jog, cycle or swim, and gradually increase the pace.
  • Include several bursts at 80 to 90 per cent of maximum intensity, each lasting two to five minutes.


I always thought we we’re kindred spirits.


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