Functional Training, Is It Really Functional?


So, you train a lot at the gym. Thousand of hours on the treadmill and a billion crunches. Bench press a small truck and do kettle bell workout like a Russian on steroids. Weekend comes and you do to a camping/hiking activity. You try to cross a river and realize that you are not prepared for hopping from rock to rock while carrying a backpack and maintaining your balance because you just walked for half an hour and your legs are tired. It dawns on you that you are not prepared for this type of activity. Shit.

One of the most important thing to remember is , when you come across a person and he only trains functional workouts, well what type of movement is he trying to approximate? The best we can do is approximate the movement and hope that there is enough of a exercise transfer that we can do movement without killing ourselves.

Most exercises involving weights are in one plane (one joint movement) and barbell complexes ( exercises that involve two joints in the body). This is not even remotely functional at all. Most “real life” lifts involve both balance and some sort of walking and running (e.g. carrying groceries or carrying groceries and fighting off zombies AND handing them off).

Keep in mind that when you train functionally, involve some balance work AND weights together. Go lighter if you have to and don’t be like me and fall in the river. Yours In Fitness.


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