The Dreaded Macrocycle and Mesocycle – 8 Weeks Out

So you finally decided you wanted to fight or compete. Been going to a boxing/kickboxing/slap fight gym. The coach decided you have 8 weeks to train and gave you a whole new set of training regimen. Suddenly, you’re “wha? I thought coming to the gym was enough!”

Well, you can certainly just do the classes but any coach worth his salt will tell you, you have to do more! Why? Because if there is one thing that is sure, you WILL gas out, especially if it is a tournament format. You will most likely be competing 3-4 times a day for 3 days. If your lucky then maybe 2.

So what is a macrocycle and what is a mesocycle?

A macrocycle is an annual plan for training. Divided into 3 parts




This is mostly used for university teams, professional athletes, and olympic athletes. At any given month of the year, they know what they are supposed to be training for!

A mesocycle can be broken up like a macrocycle into three phases but for our purposes I usually put it in this format



Competitive Phase


But what does this mean?  I would divide the whole paradigm with 2.5 -3-2-.5 weeks per phase.

In the micro-cycle, At the preparation stage as a Coach I would look out what the athlete needs to work on. This is the technical/tactical evaluation period. What does this athlete need to strengthen? Learning the rules or new rules also helps in this phase. Bumping up endurance and higher awareness of what the the athlete is accomplishing.

Pre-competition phase is where streamlining begins. Specific exercises and drills are more emphasized to curtail and improve the aforementioned weakness.  Speed work and agility drills are bumped up. Strength building are bumped down to strength maintenance.

Competitive phase here is where the tactics come into play. Whatever sport you do, tactics are the tools you need to win. How to beat the other team or person. On the last week, drills are very sport specific. Other extemporaneous activities are halted. Everything the athlete does is for the competition.

Transition or the cooling off period till the next event.

This whole article was meant to inspire or frighten you on what athletes go through during training period. If you are lucky, the athlete would peak at the right moment and inspire you as an instructor. You already know the date of the event, so prepare for it! Yours in Fitness.




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