Calories In, Calories Out, Not Really The Whole Truth

The video above is a BBC documentary about fitness and how some of us do not respond to fitness at all (at least not as dramatic). The latest studies have shown (in another HBO special “Weight of a Nation”) that for extreme obese or overweight people, their bodies do try to get them back at that pre-workout weight.  This does not give us the ticket to say” oh well, my body is saying I’m destined to be fat so it is out of out control so fuck it”. It just an indicator, that we have to deal with what our hand is at this moment in our lives.

If anyone, especially a skinny person tells you that to lose weight all you need to do is eat less and work out more, you can tell to go f*** themselves. It is not math or physics when it comes to fat loss. Yours In Fitness.


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