Un Amour Fou

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Bacon, cheese and butter. Add them to anything and chances are it will become awesome. And definitely bad for you. If you haven’t been bludgeoned enough by every tv special, vegan, hipster and fitness magazine, this blog entry isn’t one of those. I LOVE that stuff. A close second is fried chicken skin, rib eye fat steak and deep fried pork belly. Jeez it just makes my mouth water. And therein lies the crux of the problem of being heavy, this stuff actually taste good! I know there are tons of substitutes and healthier alternatives but its just isn’t the same. And this is one of the reasons why most diets do not work! The biggest misconception about losing fat is, “you just have to active and you’ll be fine”. That is a half truth. Marathoners and those Tour de France guys eat whatever they can so why can’t I? Well for one thing they do extreme cardiovascular activity and they are ALWAYS at a caloric deficit (it means that they are burning food even before it hits their stomach!).

Physical activity is an inefficient way of losing fat. Every hard core fat loss diet or get fit diet is to get you at a caloric deficit. Eat less and you lose weight. Losing weight is WRONG though. Losing fat is the one we want.

To deny ourselves in eating all of this stuff (to me) is more harmful than eating it all the time! My point is this, work around this stumbling block by having a cheat day or having “healthier” alternatives. The biggest problem in getting fat is our perception of “damn the torpedoes and live” lifestyle. You will pay for that meal later but KNOW that and take steps after by either fasting or walking longer. We cannot live with whole abandon because life is not short. It is long and full. Make it fun on top of it and have that cake to enjoy.

Yours In Fitness


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