Handle Your Sh**


Stress can become your biggest ally or your worst enemy. In terms of weights, it is how we track progress (e.g. lifting more or lifting heavier). Dieting is stressful for some people. And sometimes the people surrounding them bear the brunt of their frustration and hunger. They come up with pre-made excuses of my blood sugar is low or some other crap. I am one of those and I am also a serial apologizer.

I am on my 2nd month of Martin Berkham 16 hour fasts to lose some fat and so far it is working. Coupled with Livestrong’s calorie and fitness counter it has helped me achieve some good results in form and in cardiovascular improvement. I do it everyday or 6 out of seven days a week. At the onset, it was quite a bit of a challenge having been brainwashed by the idea that ALL have to eat breakfast because “it’s the most important meal of the day”. But I digress, my stress level out of not eating was akin to about a crying baby at the far end of the room, you can hear it but its’ faint so it’s not ear shattering. I handle the 16 up to the 20th hour but past that…HULK GRUMPY!

At this point, I try and avoid people because that crying baby, is at my ear while shitting down my shirt on my white tux. Stress level is at defcon 95 out of 10.

I offer no excuse except I should handle that better but I do take steps to avoid getting there. There is no reason for one person to be annoyed/angry at another person because that person willfully is not eating! No one put a gun to your head and said “Mr. Bond, today is a low carb, cardio day. If you fail, I will put a bullet in your head (consequently, if someone did that to me, I would have no cheat days whatsoever and my abs would be ripped you could grate cheese on it).

Same thing with people who get angry, fighty, cry-ey when they drink. Be aware and stop putting your friends in awkward social situations at par with your parents fighting in front of you. Yours in Fitness.


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